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VIDEO: Rony vs. José — Before the MMA fight

Mixed Martial Arts is an increasingly popular sport, thanks in part to increased coverage on television, with shows like the Ultimate Fighter documenting the skill, macho force and sheer strength needed to survive.
During my most recent visit to Puerto Rico, I did a fast-paced photo and VIDEO shoot with two MMA enthusiasts: Rony, an experienced 24-year-old with the aggressive style and talent of a winning MMA fighter, and José, his 25-year-old protege, a talented, well-developed newcomer who Rony has been training in the finer aspects of the fight. 
This shoot was different from any match they'd ever done: On a rainy day, they were pitted against each other on the sand of San Juan's Condado Beach, followed by a very interesting struggle underwater in the nearby swimming pool (complete with photos and videos). 
Who wins in a match between teacher and student? You'll have to watch the next video to find out (soon to be posted right here on modelJOCK.com). I'll also be posting photos from a separate artistic photoshoot I did with José, on my other blog, portfolioLATINO.com
But for now, check out this video, which has some great photos of the action above and below the water, as well as interviews with these two talented fighters. 

 The Fighters: 
Teacher and student pitted against each other, above and below water.
José's Stats:
25 years old
130 lbs.
Shoe: 9 

Rony's Stats:
24 years old
174 lbs.
Chest: 38"
Shoe: 10.5


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