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MODEL WATCH: Ian Plasman, male model and hip-hop artist

Ian Plasman, photographed by Edwin Santiago. Used with permission of model.
There are lots of male models that I would love to photograph but, because of geographic distance or scheduling difficulties, I just can’t. Such is the case with Ian Plasman, a Vancouver-based 21-year-old whose striking presence, green eyes and great physique also might come in handy in his burgeoning career as a hip hop artist. Ian — who is new this year to the modeling scene — gave me an exclusive interview about his experience so far, and shared some choice shots from his portfolio. 

At what age did you start modeling?
I only started modeling a few months ago, in May of this year. A lot has happened for me since I turned 21 last November.
How did you become interested in modeling?
Many different people have told me I should model, but it wasn't until I found someone to help me build a portfolio when I began taking it seriously. And seeing myself on paper is pretty good for my self-confidence.
What kind of shoots do you enjoy the most?
I like outdoor shoots the most. I also enjoy hockey, basketball and weightlifting.
What's the most difficult, interesting or bizarre concept you've done so far as a model?
Nothing too crazy, but on one shoot I was asked to stand in the middle of a garden, only in boxers, with cars driving behind me and bystanders watching.

What do you think your best physical features are?
This a tricky question because I really do not see myself as others see me. So I will respond with what tips I have gained from modeling. I believe my strongest features are my face, my eyes, my jaw line and my upper torso.
How do you stay in shape?
My job keeps in me in shape, going to the gym three to four times a week and eating healthy.

You play a variety of sports, including hockey, basketball and swimming. Are you on any teams?
I played soccer for 10 years of my life, and played hockey for four years, both on league teams. My teams won medals, trophies for scoring winning goals, which made for great memories.

You are also a rap artist and singer. How did you get involved in that?
Well, I grew up in a small town and always had ambition for something more. So I decided to start singing and make my own music. I really enjoyed it, got more and more into it. The joy of creating motivated me. I have ongoing determination to make the next hit song.
Do you see similarities in how you present yourself as a model vs. as a rapper?
I don't call myself a rapper. When I talk about my music, I say I am a hip hop artist. I think my music is different from other rap songs out there. My objective is to tell a story, others can relate and easily understand it. I feel songs that have a story are the best, more interesting songs. Performing arts and the creative process essentially is transferable between genres.

How important are looks and sex appeal (qualities generally considered important for models) for hip hop artists?
Well, in modeling, looks and sex appeal are very important. It's the nature of the business. Maintaining and displaying high standards are indication of artistic and personal integrity; it shows focus.

What are your ultimate goals as a model and hip hop artist?
I'd like to make modeling a career, travel the world and ,of course, improve the quality of life for my family and myself.

What's the best way for people to see more of your work as a model and hear your music?
We recently decided to begin work on a website, so be on the look out for that. But until that's completed, my portfolio may be seen at www.modelmayhem.com/modelian and my music may be heard at www.myspace.com/e2then2010.

Any shout-outs?
I'd like to acknowledge my family, my girlfriend, and my personal assistant for providing me a solid ground of support, allowing me to do this, to further develop and grow from it. And of course, I wish to thank modelJOCK.com for this great feature opportunity. You are awesome!

Ian's Stats
21 years old
Height:     5' 11"
Weight:     155 lbs
Chest:     36"
Waist:     32"
Shoe:     11

P3 Talent Management - New York
Email: P3TMNGT@Gmail.com
Web: www.P3Talent.com


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